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no nasties

You wouldn’t accept ingredients like crude oil derived plastics, dioxins, propylene and glycol in your food, so why would you accept them in your feminine hygiene products? Under labeling laws, products like pads and tampons are treated as medical devices, meaning that manufacturers are not required to disclose their ingredients. This can disguise a multitude of health threatening ingredients to which your body is exposed to on a regular basis.

In conventionally produced tampons cotton is blended with synthetically produced rayon due to its cheapness and high absorbency. In conventional pads, chlorine bleached wood pulp is used for its high absorbency. The process of chlorine bleaching produces a by-product known as dioxins. Due to the link between dioxins and cancer, the EPA has outlawed the more potent dioxin producing bleaching procedures, but the new procedures don’t eliminate them entirely.

Most conventional pads and liners also contain a large amount of plastic. These plastics are commonly polyethylene, polypropylene, and polyacrylate super-absorbent powders. These plastics will never bio-degrade, remaining in the rubbish dumps, rivers, oceans and where-ever else they may end up. They also contribute to air pollution, with a high percentage of airborne chemicals that are known toxins or carcinogens originating from the production of plastic.

It’s hard to believe that we subject our bodies and the environment to this kind of abuse in order to service our basic feminine hygiene needs. Luckily, there is an alternative. Organyc have created 100% organic certified cotton pads and tampons for women who care about the health of themselves and the environment. All you get is the comfortable, absorbent, hypoallergenic protection of organic cotton.

No wood pulp.

No non-biodegradable plastics.

No chlorine bleaching.

No nasties.